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Porto, Portugal

Generative AI bootcamp

1st edition

The Generative AI course is a comprehensive training in developing AI models that create new content. The course is Ideal for students and professionals, it covers State-of-The-Art techniques mixed with hands-on projects. Participants will acquire valuable skills to drive innovation in AI.

Join us to stay ahead in the field with our expert-led program.

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Module 1 - Python and Object-Oriented Programming: 14/10/2024 - 29/10/2024

Module 2 - LLMs and Multimodal Systems: 31/10/2024 - 18/11/2024

Module 3 - Practical AI Application Development: 19/11/2024 - 05/12/2024

Module 4 - Backend Development, API Integration, and Deployment: 09/12/2024 - 05/01/2025

Schedule: 7-10 pm (every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)

Type: Remote


  1. Module 1 - 150€
  2. all the other modules - 200€

For detailed information download our flyer.

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