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Porto, Portugal

Product owner bootcamp

1st edition

The Advanced Product Owner Bootcamp is a transformative program designed to propel your expertise in leading agile software development projects to new heights.

This comprehensive course delves deeply into the intricacies of product ownership, equipping you with the skills, strategies, and insights necessary to excel in this pivotal role.

Whether you're an experienced Product Owner or new to the field, this immersive learning experience will empower you to confidently navigate complex projects, collaborate seamlessly, and drive tangible value to your organisation.

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Talk with us

All the info you need

Start date : 09/04/2024

End date: 09/05/2024

Schedule: 7pm - 10pm

Type: Classroom

Duration: 28h

Price: 500€ + IVA

You can pay the full amount or pay monthly according to the course duration.